Pune is popular for its many IT companies that have set up base here.

Large companies are thriving in this city.

With such a high employment growth rate, it is only natural that the demand for coworking space in Pune would increase.

However, in a world where companies are looking to devote time and money to business only, does it make sense to waste these resources behind the maintenance of office spaces?


This is where coworking spaces come to the rescue.

Coworking spaces in Pune offer benefits that can be enjoyed by freelancers to small startups to large organisations.

It helps you put your mind and money to work and leave the running of the space to someone else.

Thus, the end result is better output with minimal cost input.

Pune has seen the creation of many amazing coworking spaces that have sprung up to meet the rising demand for flexible workspaces.

Home to multiple fast-growing companies, Pune has nurtured many start-ups which have matured into successful companies. Pune offers the perfect community for fast-growing start-ups, and to those looking to start up.


Starthub is a great coworking space in Pune that is created primarily for startups.

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It is located in Jewel Square, Vasanti Nagar which is the northern corner of the city of Pune. It is well furnished, with modern decor arrangements. There are conference rooms as well as individual chairs for solopreneurs or smaller teams.


  • Available on request


  1. 24/7 member access
  2. Unlimited coffee/tea and kitchen availability
  3. Event space (also a TEDx host space)
  4. Dedicated parking space
  5. Office concierge


Regus has nine different coworking spaces in Pune.

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Regus is a virtual office conglomerate that multiple offerings that range from dedicated spaces to individual chaits and on-demand meeting rooms. While the entirety of their service varies from space to space, the basic accommodation of all of these spaces is the same and is managed by a central body.


  • Chairs available from Rs 50 to Rs 300
  • Cabins for Rs 300 to Rs 927 (depending on location and choice of chair/cabin)


  1. Onsite coffee bar
  2. On-demand meeting rooms
  3. Customer parking available (apart from office parking)
  4. Recreation rooms are location dependent.

The Daftar

The Daftar is one of the biggest coworking spaces in Pune, having over 150 seats.

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It is located on the north-eastern part of the city in Silver Oak Park, Baner. The Dafter is a cosy home-like yet professional working place designed with utmost creativity.


  • 500/day/desk


  1. Separate conference and training room
  2. Fully equipped pantry with free coffee/tea machines
  3. Dedicated parking space
  4. Outdoor work stations
  5. 24/7 power back up
  6. Recreation zones
  7. Concierge services
  8. Storage locker facilities


Trios is a coworking space in Pune that started off in 2015.

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In less than 4 years, it has expanded to three different locations in Pune itself. Trios has over 100 coworkers working and this makes it a very handy place for startups, freelancers and others due to their netowkring facilities.


  • Rs 4,500/month/desk


  1. 24/7 member access
  2. Well-furnished pantry with free tea/coffee
  3. Dedicated parking
  4. On-demand meeting rooms
  5. 24/7 security and backup power
  6. Concierge and housekeeping with office assistance.

Entrepreneur facilitation centre and development (EFC/ EFCD)

EFC is an NGO that aims to promote and help startups nurture themselves and grow.

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Being more of an incubator than an outright co-working space, EFC offers its shared office spaces in Pune for established businesses as well. With office spaces available in Kalyani Nagar, Hinjewadi, and Fatima Nagar, the NGO focusses more towards the development of early-stage startups.


  • Rs 5,500/seat


  1. 24/7 member access
  2. Free parking
  3. Outdoor lounge and workstations
  4. Office tech equipment (laptops and monitors) available on rent
  5. Kitchen and shower facility
  6. Tea/coffee (on purchase)
  7. Basic housekeeping, admin staff, and high-speed internet

Cowork Studio

With 24/7 access, Cowork Studio gives you a great coffee shop styled vibe than that of a typical office.

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Designer desks that could be dedicated desks or just open space working, Cowork Studio works it out. There is a great range of businesses working here, starting from early-stage to profit yielding startups as well, thus serving as a good loft for some professional networking and bonding.


  • Dedicated desks start at Rs 5,000


  1. 24/7 member access
  2. Various styles of desks from standing and sitting to zen desks and beanbags
  3. Furnished pantry with free tea/coffee
  4. Free onsite parking
  5. Cafe lounge
  6. Funzone with pool table and other recreations
  7. Computers and other tech on rent
  8. Event space


Awfis is a coworking company that has more than 11 coworking spaces in Pune alone.

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It has coworking spaces in Baner, GK Mall and Viman Nagar. All the office spaces have fixed pricing over dedicated desks, open workspaces, and conference rooms.


  • Rs 700/day


  1. Basic pantry with free tea/coffee
  2. Dedicated parking spaces
  3. On-demand conference rooms
  4. 24/7 power back-up and security

The Worklab

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The Worklab is a coworking space that is situated in two locations in Pune.

One coworking space is in Aundh and the other space is in Model Colony. Both these locations have great interiors, open workspaces, and dedicated cabins for hire as well.


  • Not available


  1. Pantry with kitchen and free tea/coffee
  2. Gym
  3. Chill zone
  4. Terrace cafe
  5. Sunken garden for relaxation
  6. Dedicated parking


Pune has been seeing a business boom for a long time now. 

It has organisations of every type and size. However, with the rise in the cost of traditional offices, organisations are looking to shift to flexible workspaces.

The demand for coworking spaces has dipped quite a bit due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

But, in a post-COVID-19 world, organisations will look to workspaces with short term leases and lower costs.

They’ll also look to focus just on business and not on maintenance of the traditional office space.

All this can be enjoyed at coworking spaces.

If you want to know more about coworking space in Pune, don’t hesitate to contact us at www.workstreet.in.

Or if you want to dive deeper into the world of coworking, https://workstreet.in/blog/ is the perfect place to start and finish!