Who Are We

Workstreet is the trendiest new coworking space in Kolkata that is dedicated to building a coworking community where individuals can create an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration.


Our Story

Workstreet is the brainchild of Khurshid Alam, an IMT Ghaziabad alumnus. He is also the co-founder of Fleapo that helps brand transform brands digitally through Digital Marketing.

The vacant space in the Fleapo Kolkata office premises helped him realize how it could be used to create a community for individuals with a common need for a coworking space. Space where individuals could grow in each other’s presence and share knowledge and values.

Khurshid was fascinated by the startup culture that was taking India by storm and this is why he did not hesitate to change his dream into reality.

our vision

We aspire to create coworking spaces that facilitate inclusivity. A coworking space where anyone irrespective of financial background, culture, religion, gender, and race can work in an ambiance of collaboration and cooperation.

our mission

At Workstreet, we aspire to provide members with an ambiance that brings out the best in every individual. We plan to achieve this by maintaining an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration and by providing the best of amenities at super affordable prices.

The People Behind Workstreet

Khurshid Alam Founder of Workstreet

khurshid alam


Imran Khan Head of Bussiness Management - Workstreet

imran khan

head of business management

Souvik Ghosh Digital Marketing - Workstreet

Souvik Ghosh

Digital Marketing

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