8 Tips To Make Your Coworking Space a Design Masterpiece

The aim of coworking spaces is to create a community where freelancers and employees from small or big organizations can work together.

For such a community to be created, the coworking design should be in such a way so that members can feel like they’re part of a community.

The coworking design should be conceptualized in a way such that it creates an ambience that is better than cafes, traditional office spaces, and homes.

The single most significant thing that separates coworking spaces from traditional office spaces is its amazing designing. Coworking spaces are exquisitely designed to look like informal spaces.

They are centres of work and play. Combining the advantages of traditional office space, work from home and a cafe and subtracting all its disadvantages.

As a coworking space operator, coworking design is a vital part of starting out on the right foot.

You can give yourself a vastly greater chance of success if you can offer a broad range of space and membership types to attract people with different financial means and workspace needs.

What are the best Coworking Design tips?

Provide plenty of plug points

This is one of the most important points in the list of coworking design.

One of the major requirements of any working professional is having an electrical outlet in his workspace.

A laptop and a smartphone is what every member uses and to keep both of these working throughout the day, an electrical outlet is a necessity.

Coworking design should be in such a way such that there are adequate electrical outlets everywhere. Members will consider shifting to some other coworking space if they face an interruption in their work due to their laptops and smartphones not being adequately charged.

The presence of electrical outlets in seating areas as part of coworking design is appreciated by every coworking space members.

Library style tables make this a lot easier. The power can be run down the table, and many people in open coworking areas prefer this kind of seating.

Provide for high-speed WiFi and adequate storage

Another important point in coworking design that members will need is a high-speed WiFi connection.

In the age of Skype calls and the Internet, it is imperative that members are not inconvenienced due to a lack of good quality WiFi.

Adequate Space at coworking space

In a coworking space, some members need a hardwired connection. Other members, especially in open coworking areas are fine with wifi.

You should offer both options as part of your coworking design to appeal to a broad range of professionals.

Some members who opt for the dedicated desk workspace option prefer leaving their supplies at the coworking space when they leave the workspace for the day. It is convenient for them to carry their supplies to and fro office every day.

This is why coworking spaces need to provide for locking storage.

While some working professionals live on their laptops, other members have supplies that they prefer keeping at their workspace. For such members, a locking storage facility should be provided.

Create an ambience of fun and flexibility

The main factor that differentiates coworking spaces from traditional office spaces is its innovative interior designing.

Coworking design must appeal to a number of delicate balancing acts.

The coworking design should be in such a way so as to foster productivity. It should look and feel appealing to both introverts and extroverts, just fostering collaboration.

coworking space design

The key to coworking design is to make coworking spaces feel like cafes and not like cubicle offices of decades past.

Some coworking design is curated around the concept that employees should not be stuck working at a desk.

They include nooks in their coworking space, that allows for productivity for all its members, irrespective of their preferred work environment.

Other coworking spaces offer a more clean and modern aesthetic. Such coworking spaces offer plenty of options that resemble everything that you would find in a traditional office space or a cafe.

It offers a polished and modern look to set its members up for success while tackling that daunting to-do list.

Design for light in your coworking space

Brightening up your coworking space with adequate lighting is always a good idea as far as coworking design is concerned.

If you have an office with a window, it will quite a good amount of rent. But if you take all your windows for offices, then your coworking area looks very unpleasant.

lights at coworking space

The entry of light into a coworking space makes the area look very bright and appealing.

Setting up glass walls is a good idea but members also require some privacy.

Coworking design needs to be made in a way that ensures your space being light and open while giving members the privacy that they need

Diversify your source of earnings

When you create a coworking space, the first thing you have to do is rent space from a landlord.

Then you make a commitment for a large space over a long period of time. Finally, you chop it up into smaller bits on very short-term commitments.

revenue stream of cowokring space survey

In order for this to work well, it is very important that no big portion of your income comes from one entity/member. This way, if you lose anyone member or organization, your revenue flow doesn’t change drastically.

Your coworking income can be stabilized by not depending too heavily on any one or two entities.

Optimize the usage of meeting rooms

Meeting rooms are a major reason as to why freelancers and startups opt for coworking spaces.

Meetings are a huge source of profit for coworking spaces. You can bring in a good flow of revenue by optimizing the use of your meeting rooms.

Meeting rooms at coworking space

As real estate costs skyrocket, more and more organizations are looking forward to booking meetings rooms at coworking space. This is a golden opportunity to increase revenue flow.

Coworking space owners can also rent out the meeting rooms to external agencies. The retractable walls can be used to divide the bigger meeting room into smaller rooms.

The unnecessary use of paper should be discouraged

It is imperative that we reduce our usage of paper in the office.

Coworking spaces should realize that the workspace defines their ethics and there is no better way to show how environmentally friendly they are than by minimizing their usage of paper.

There are several ways as to how coworking spaces can be a paperless zone.


Creating central printers near anyone convenient spot can help save paper. Due to the absence of printers at every workspace, members now have to walk to the central printer to print something.

Since they have to make the extra effort of going up to the printer, many will refrain from needlessly printing paper.

Usage of printers that also include digital scanners are also a good idea to save paper. Digital scanners allow the information to be shared digitally.

Encouraging the use of apps like CamScanner are also a good way to shift to paperless coworking spaces.

Choosing comfortable furniture is of prime importance

The basic requirement of a coworking space is furniture.

A workspace primarily consists of a desk and a chair.

The coworking space furniture is built to suit the target audience. Coworking spaces should give their members the option to choose their own desks, sofas, kitchen appliances, chairs, etc.

Coworking space members spend a lot of time sitting at their desks and an uncomfortable chair can destroy his entire coworking space experience.

When looking for furniture, coworking spaces should select pieces that are functional, fun and fit the space.

If you’re running on a budget you may be tempted to buy the stylish yet cheap chairs which may be uncomfortable for the users. When considering comfort, you may find chairs that are very comfortable but don’t match your office style.

furnitures at coworking space

To solve this dilemma, allow your users to choose between bringing in their own chairs or selecting the ones available.

When users bring their own chairs, complement their efforts by collaborating with furniture companies to offer them special discounts, dropping the rental price to compensate for their efforts and by providing them free cushions around the office to make their chairs more comfortable and cosy.

BYOC (bring your own chair) brings you direct savings in terms of fixed asset cost without compromising on the most important factor, the user comfort. Otherwise, set a comfortable budget for them to select their own.

If you want to know more about how what and how coworking design can improve your coworking space, visit us at www.workstreet.in.

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