Let’s play a game.

For a minute, suppose you’re a coworking space owner. If you’re already an owner, well congrats!

A coworking space owner like yourself is going to face a lot of challenges such as cost problems and security. 

Running a coworking space can be a costly affair.

You’re paying for the location, the electricity, the furniture, the marketing and so much more.

The costs keep rising along with your ambition to create the perfect coworking space.

Coming to security, the bigger your coworking space, the bigger the challenge of ensuring a safe and secure space.

Security personnel is a great idea. Agreed. But they’re only human and bound to make mistakes. Mistakes that can harm the reputation of the coworking brand that you’re trying so hard to build.

So what do you do? 

Do you accept things the way they are and carry the extra burden of a costly coworking space with inefficient security?

Or do you adopt something that can solve both problems of cost and security at one go?

If you choose to take the second option (and I hope you do), Visitor Management Systems (VMS) is what you need. 

What is a Visitor Management System?

The process of tracking everyone who enters a coworking space or any other space for that matter is known as visitor management. 

Anyone can be a visitor. From a customer, a delivery person, a job applicant to a contractor or a consultant. 

Someone who is not a regular full-time employee is a visitor. 

A visitor management system is a technology that is used to track visitors in a systematic manner. 

The sign-in sheet was one of the oldest versions of a visitor management system. The sign-in sheet was a piece of paper kept on a clipboard or in a binder at the front desk. On the arrival of a visitor, their name is noted down along with who they’re to visit and the time of arrival. 

visitor management system

However, even though this old version of a visitor management system works, it is not a particularly good visitor management system and certainly environment-friendly. 

The old version just doesn’t cut it for most companies.

It is expensive to pay for a receptionist at the front desk. Their salaries can reach a very high level, and that’s before taxes, benefits, and overhead. Tighter security than a pen and paper is also needed for businesses. 

The core job of checking in visitors is done by a digital visitor management system.

visitor management system

The following are some of the tasks managed by a visitor management system:

Take pictures of your visitors to help you identify them.

Print visitor ID cards, customized with your company’s logo.

Capture signatures for NDAs and other legal agreements.

Accept deliveries from courier services.

Send SMS, email, and other notifications when visitors arrive.

Allow two-way communication between employees and visitors.

Accept food deliveries and document drop-off.

Provide instructions for visitors.

And more

Why use a Visitor Management System?


Prevention is better than cure.

This is what a VMS abides by. 

Surveillance teams, with the appropriate visitor management software, can know who is arriving at the facility before they even set foot on site. A visitor management system allows you to spot patterns by collecting important data.

With the help of visitor trend analysis, these surveillance teams can gain insights and take proactive measures.


There is very less leeway when it comes to compliance and safety. 

So how do you make sure you are complying with government rules and regulations? 

If you lose your license, you cannot operate your business and this will result in significant revenue loss. Complying is the only way to stay in business. 

Whether you’re leveraging a visitor management database to alert you when a trespassed person tries to enter your facility, or you need it to trace back visitors in the event of a lawsuit, the visitor management system is essential for remaining compliant with rules and government regulations.

Reduced costs

A visitor management system that relies on pen and paper might save you money in the short-term, but it definitely drains your profits in the long-run. 

Any business, without the use of an effective visitor management system, is left open to compliance and reputational risks. Added to this, the costs of shutting down the business or eliminating those risks are huge. 

Having the capability to track suspicious patterns, ensure compliance, and prevent incidents contributes to reduced costs.

By reducing the frequency of incidents, compliance risks, and lawsuits, you can significantly boost your ROI.


Clear communication between the members of the surveillance team and other staff is necessary to spotting trends and preventing incidents across various departments and areas. 

In the event of a person being added to a banned list, the employees at the front desk need to be notified so that they can identify the person if they try to enter the building. 

An effective, comprehensive visitor management system provides this capability.

In the unfortunate events of lockdowns, active shooters, or evacuations, a visitor management system helps send mass notifications through email or SMS to all personnel and active visitors. 

This is an important safety measure that is impossible without modern visitor management software.


A visitor management system that can integrate with risk management, communication,  incident management, and other security tools allows the members of the surveillance team to collect as much information as possible in the event of an incident. 

The effective tracking of a person’s visits and activities reduces the potential of losing a lawsuit or letting an incident fall through the cracks.

Benefits of Visitor Management Software

Modern visitor management systems are streamlining firms’ processes, improving building security, and tracking employees’ movements throughout the building.

 These are the eight benefits of adopting a visitor management system for your company.

Improved Building Security

The security of your space and the employees working in the space are the top priorities for any business. 

A digital visitor management system can make sure that unwanted visitors are instantly detected and dealt with swiftly and efficiently. 

A Professional First Impression

Signing a visitor’s book doesn’t instil visions of efficiency, organization, and modernity. It is an antiquated system that can reflect negatively on your company. 


On the other hand, an efficient and secure visitor management system shows that your firm cares about the safety of its employees and visitors and is a modern, forward-thinking company.

Improves Productivity

A streamlined and efficient visitor check-in process reduces the workload on reception staff.

They no longer need to spend time completing registration forms manually or entering data by hand. The visitor can complete all the necessary information and the software connects the visitor to the host, reducing the time spent on visitor registration and maximizing productivity.

Improve Accuracy

The most up to date visitor management systems will scan visitors’ drivers’ licenses or business cards and harvest the necessary information automatically. This reduces the margin for human error in the data collection process and improves data accuracy.

Saves Money

Firms can reduce the per visitor cost by streamlining the visitor regulation processes. 

For large organizations that have multiple visitors every day, this can save a substantial amount of money over the course of a year. 

Improved Industry Compliance

An effective visitor management system can make sure that your organization is compliant with industry regulations. 

If a visitor claims they tripped and injured themselves in your premises, your visitor management system becomes a valuable tool in recording information such as the date and time of the visit, as well as the locations the visitor went to.

Protects Visitor Privacy

A logbook left on a receptionist’s desk allows anyone who signs in to see who else has visited the office, when, and how long they stayed. In some circumstances, this can be valuable information. Outside sales agents may see the competitors your company has met with and how frequently they met with them.

Automated visitor management software makes visitor data more secure and stores it digitally, away from prying eyes.

Better Emergency Responses

In the event of an emergency, the emergency services will want to see an accurate and comprehensive log of everyone on the premises at the time of the incident. 

With a thorough visitor management system, this can be obtained at the press of a button, making it easier to identify missing people in an emergency situation.

Features of Visitor Management System

Different Visitor Management Systems come with a variety of features. Given below is a list of features that all Visitor Management Systems come with:

Simple sign-in process: Digital sign-in is easy and allows you to customize questions and fields.

Digital visitor log: Digital visitor records are secure and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Host notifications: Automatic notifications save you time and decrease wait times for visitors.

Digital legal documents: When legal documents are part of sign-in, they’ll get signed every time.

Badge printing: Automatic badge printing makes it easy to enforce badge policies.

Visitor photos: Capturing photos lets you see who’s in the building and who to look out for.

Custom branding: Showcase your logo and branding for a polished, professional look.

Pre-registration: Pre-registration lets everyone know who’s arriving and when.

Integration: Integrate visitor management systems into your existing workflows.

How to choose your Visitor Management System

Essential Features

What are you buying the Visitor Management System for, if not for its features?

Nowadays, Visitor Management Systems come with a wide and varying range of features. However, it is important to choose one that meets the needs of your coworking space.

When looking at features while choosing the Visitor Management System, you should choose one that:

Helps streamline, simplify and speed up the visitor management process.

Guarantee better security, safety and privacy for coworkers.

Ensure that VMS has features that comply with government regulations and requirements.

Gather data and generate useful reports.

Supports your growing business needs.

Brand Value

Let’s face it. Brand Value is what first catches our eye when buying anything.

And it’s no different for Visitor Management Systems.

Buying the big brand might look like a wasteful expenditure but it serves its purpose in the long run.

A Visitor Management System that comes from a renowned brand has several advantages

The after-sale service is bound to be prompt.

Big brands have been around for a long time, so they come with minimal or no bugs.

Brand value also means that you don’t have to worry about security issues.

The main advantage of brand is reliability. That’s the added benefit that you pay for.


One of the primary reasons why you should adopt a Visitor Management System is to reduce expenses.

This is why you choose one that perfectly meets the requirements of your coworking space.

Choosing a Visitor Management System that is too expensive or advanced for your coworking space creates confusion, besides adding unnecessary costs.


Your coworking space is unique.

So why shouldn’t your Visitor Management System be?

While choosing a Visitor Management System for your coworking space, you should keep in mind the level of customization it offers.


Reviews are important while buying anything.

And it is no different for Visitor Management System.

Reviews are important information because they tell you about the experiences of people who have used the Visitor Management System.

Thus, the reviews tell you about the unbiased pros and cons of the Visitor Management System.

Top 5 Visitor Management Software

Traction Guest

Traction Guest is built for global enterprises like Thermo Fisher, UPS, Vice Media. 

It is a leading cloud-based visitor management system(VMS) that offers unrivalled security, experience, and insight. Traction Guest is the only Visitor Management System that provides a secure visitor check-in process with the help of an iPad-based Self-Check-In or an Assisted-Check-In using airport-grade ID scanners that verify a visitor’s identity.

With its unrivalled customizability, it allows organizations to manage multiple locations at scale – within one central admin console. 


Proxyclick is a Visitor Management Software that is trusted by top companies like L’Oreal, Airbnb, and Audi.

These companies use Proxyclick to improve their visitor experience while securing their premises and their data. Proxyclick provides a universal solution to meet the needs of these enterprises.

Proxyclick has integrated with industry-leading access control systems, Wi-Fi providers, meeting room management platforms, and communication tools


Envoy is a San Francisco based start-up founded in 2013 with 200+ employees. 

It works with facilities, security, and IT leaders from small businesses to enterprises in industries such as manufacturing, technology, and healthcare. 

With modern, simple tools to help you manage visitors, deliveries, and conference rooms, Envoy helps you save time, get the most out of your workplace, and make the best first impression with guests and employees. 


The safety and security at your space begin with the knowledge of who is on-site. 

WhosOnLocation is cloud-based people presence software that allows you to track and manage visitors, contractors, employees, and evacuations. Visitors can sign in and out using a kiosk or via the reception desk. Live reports show who’s currently on-site, making it faster and easier to account for people in an evacuation.

 In the event of a security incident, you can report on and filter historical data to view people’s movements within a specified period of time.

The Receptionist

The Receptionist automates visitor check-in, increases efficiency, improves security, and frees up your front office. 

With this software, it is possible to create unique, customizable, button-based visitor workflows to match your visitor types and business policies.

The system also includes message forwarding, the capture and storage of visitor logs, drag-and-drop badge creation and printing, photo and signature capture, NDA and legal agreement sign-offs, and compliance verification. Thousands of companies and millions of visitors worldwide rely on the cloud-based visitor check-in solution that frees up the front office and makes a great first impression. 

The Receptionist sets the standard for efficient, secure, compliance-based visitor check-in and world-class customer satisfaction. A U.S.-based company with U.S.-based support, the Receptionist for iPad offers simple setup and the ideal level of configuration for the needs of your business.

Future of Visitor Management System in a COVID-19 World

As the world battles the coronavirus pandemic, healthy and safe buildings are becoming the new norm.

To adapt to the new normal, more and more coworking spaces should adopt a no-touch visitor management system.

Greetly is a modern visitor management system that implements “no-touch” visitor check-in.

Visitors will be able to initiate and complete the check-in process using their own smartphones without having to download any apps or touch any third-party screens. This way coworkers can enter the coworking space hands-free and be even more secure from spreading the virus.

Traditional visitor management systems run off tablet computers in a kiosk, which causes potential risk as visitors are required to touch the kiosk which may have been used by someone carrying coronavirus or another illness.

In addition, cleaning a kiosk is not entirely practical and cannot be guaranteed after each and every use.

The welcome screen of the Greetly app will soon display a QR code (and a URL, both unique to the specific workplace) to initiate the sign-in process.

Greetly will make sure visitors are on location before allowing them to begin the check-in process. Visitors will then be able to complete the entire check-in process, including finding and selecting their host, entering the required information about themselves, taking a photo and/or eSigning legal documents.

When the process is complete, hosts will be notified.


Every profit-seeking organization aims to minimize costs. 

Automation is a good step towards this goal. Adopting Visitor Management Systems in your coworking space or any space can help reduce costs required to hire manpower. 

In the near future, most organizations will adopt Visitor Management Systems in their spaces. This will lead to more profit and more discipline in managing a space.

If you want to know more about the visitor management system or about coworking in general, contact us at www.workstreet.in.