Kolkata, popularly known as the City of Joy, isn’t known for its business organizations. However, when it comes to culture and art, very few cities offer the same ambience.

The prevalence of culture and art in this wonderful city means that it’s a freelancer’s paradise. 

Kolkata is the perfect city if you’re looking for some artistic inspiration.

From the Coffee House in College Street to Victoria Memorial, every inch of this city reeks of culture and art.

However, it would be unfair to say that the city is devoid of a corporate presence. 

Salt Lake is known as the corporate heart of Kolkata. It is a concrete jungle with skyscrapers galore.

And it is this booming corporate culture that has given birth to the coworking culture.

Coworking space in Kolkata is a meeting point for freelancers and working professionals from all backgrounds and walks of life. 

Any coworking space in Kolkata offers the perfect combination of cooperation, collaboration and community. This is the reason why any coworking space in Kolkata is selling like hotcakes. 

The culture of coworking has been taken up all across the world, irrespective of the work culture of the country. It has resulted in better work-life balance of coworking members. Coworking Spaces offer a welcoming work ambience and comfortable interiors that add up to create the perfect workspace. 

Kolkata, the city of joy plays host to a lot of coworking spaces. Many coworking giants have set up coworking space in Kolkata.

A coworking space in Kolkata provides a blend of Indian and global working trends. Hence, you will get all the required amenities at these spaces along with many growth opportunities.

The top 10 options for coworking space in Kolkata are listed below.

My Cube

If you own a startup and need a coworking space in Kolkata, My Cube is where you need to go.

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What My Cube offers you is a shared office environment and many like-minded people such as teachers, corporate employees, bloggers and so on.

My Cube offers adequate office facilities, ample seating space, unlimited wi-fi as well as round the clock air conditioning facilities. To make your work easier, printers, scanners and high-end notebooks are available too. 

The lounge is a special attraction at My Cube that lets you take a break, chill out and enjoy some leisure time. 

Talking about extra amenities, there is a free parking area and a personal locker facility which enables you to keep all your belongings in a safe zone. Library and free coffee are some more add-ons offered at My Cube coworking space in Kolkata.


  • Phone:  033 2287 2247


  • Block A-11, 4th Floor, FMC Fortuna Building,, 234/ 3A AJC Bose Road, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020


  • For an hour – INR 80
  • For a day – INR 500
  • For a week – INR 2500
  • For a month – INR 7000


If you’re currently working in an ordinary cubicle and want to move to a larger space but don’t have a large budget, Coworkyard is what you need.

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It offers one of the best locations that any coworking space in Kolkata can have. Coworkyard offers you multiple facilities such as high-speed Internet access, heating and air conditioning systems. 

What makes Coworkyard unique is the fact that it has standing desks, community halls for events, dual and single monitor equipment, pantry area and free coffee access. It has a friendly ambience and the neat environment makes this place a paradise to be in the working hours. 


  • Phone: 092500 92005


  • Park St, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal 700071


  • Price starts from INR 4999 PM.


One of the biggest names in Indian coworking, Awfis has coworking spaces all over India. 

What makes Awfis different from other coworking space in Kolkata is the fact it provides a lot more than the basic amenities that a typical coworking space and its USP is the affordable price at which it provides them. Awfis has workspace options such as Private Cabins, Students Corner, Meeting Rooms and Flexi Desks. 

Awfis also houses a well-designed cafeteria, a reception area, a speedy courier service, safe storage spaces and much more.

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  • Phone: 1860 258 6633


  1. Rajarhat: Awfis Space Solutions, 2A, 6TH Floor, Ecospace Business Park Premises,     Action Area II Rajarhat Kolkata 700156
  2. Camac Street: 4th Floor, 8/1A Sir William Jones Sarani Camac Street, Kolkata 700071
  3. Salt Lake: 1st floor, Globsyn, EP, Sector V, Salt Lake Electronics Complex Salt Lake, Kolkata 700091
  4. Godrej Waterside: 12th Floor, Tower II, Godrej Waterside, DP-5, DP Block, Sector V, Bidhannagar, Godrej Waterside Kolkata 700091




1. Cabins

Starting from ₹23,000 onwards /month

2. Fixed Desks

Starting from ₹500 onwards /Day

3. Flexi Desks

Starting from ₹300 onwards /Day

4. Meeting Rooms

Starting from ₹300 onwards /Hour


Regus is another coworking brand that has earned a reputation for providing top-class coworking spaces.

Regus has set up coworking space in Kolkata and they are situated at prime locations. Irrespective of how long you need the office space, you can always book seats at Regus at your own convenience. Regus provides a wide variety of amenities such as unlimited high-speed WiFi, well furnished and designed rooms, comfortable seating arrangements, lounge areas and so much more. 

What’s great about Regus is its pricing. If working at premium workspaces without burning a hole in your pocket is what you want, Regus is where you should go. Not only does Regus have realistic workspaces but it also has virtual spaces that enhance your networking business in the best possible manner.

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  • Phone: 180020949490


  1. Mullick Bazar: 25, Shakespeare Sarani Rd, Mullick Bazar, Elgin, Kolkata, West Bengal 700017.
  2. Salt Lake: RDB Boulevard, 8th Floor, Plot K-1, Sector V, Block EP & GP, Salt Lake City, Kolkata.
  3. Topsia: 3rd & 4th Floor, Arcadia Centre, Premise, No. 31, Dr Ambedkar Sarani, Topsia, Kolkata
  4. Camac Street: 4A, 9th Floor, PS Arcadia, Camac Street, Abanindranath Thakur Sarani, Kolkata, West Bengal.


  • Offices – From INR 390 per day.
  • Co-working – From INR 380 per day.
  • Meeting Rooms – From INR 1,485 per hour.
  • Virtual Office – From INR 30 per day.


Easy Daftar in Kolkata is one of the earliest coworking space in Kolkata to be set up with the intention of helping first-generation entrepreneurs across all sectors save costs. 

It provides affordable office spaces in a hassle-free manner.  Among the vast number of benefits that come with working at Easy Daftar, the most important is the presence of comfortable furniture that can ensure good health even after long hours of working.

Easy Daftar provides good quality WiFi and ethernet cable that ensures uninterrupted connectivity. Easy Daftar also provides rental laptops for a day.

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  • Phone: 9874448233.


  1. Kalighat: 132A S.P. Mukherjee Road, 1st Floor Kalighat, Kolkata.
  2. Park Street: 75C, Park Street, 3rd Floor, Kolkata.
  3. Salt Lake: CK-233, 2nd Floor, Sector-2 Salt Lake, Kolkata.


  • The pricing for coworking at Easydaftar Kolkata is about Rs. 9000 per month for a fixed desk.


Nwook, situated in Bhawanipur, is the ideal place if you’re looking for a coworking space in Kolkata that is kept neat and clean. 

Thanks to its location, it is well located with the entire city by all forms of transportation. The ambience that Nwook offers is very peaceful. The biggest USP of Nwook is the lack of fear of commitment as you pay for only need. 

You may be an individual or a part of a team, the surrounding of Nwook is bound to make your worktime enjoyable.  You can also conduct meetings and even teach a group at Nwook Coworking Kolkata.

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  • Phone: 090518 75651


  1. Bhawanipur: First Floor, 123, Ashutosh Mukherjee Road, Paddapukur, Bhowanipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700025.
  2. Dalhousie: 19, RN Mukherjee Rd, Lal Bazar, Kolkata.


  • For study purposes, Nwook charges INR 40 per hour and INR 60 for work purposes.
  • The charges start from just INR 40 per hour for study purposes and INR 60 for work purposes.
  • Nwook also offers workspaces at discounted rates. Prices for a desk start from INR 5,100.


Smartworks is a coworking space in Kolkata that is located in Salt Lake. It offers a glorious view of Salt Lake City. 

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Smartworks’ location allows you to travel to any part of the city with ease. The coworking space offers very unique features like a high-end lounge and a cafeteria that will definitely bring the best out of your leisure time. Fully furnished conference rooms enhance the presentation skills of the orator.

The person at the reception is indeed a pleasant one ensuring a warm welcome to one and all. Apart from all these, you can have access to gaming rooms, courier services, business cafes and immense technical support.


  • Phone: 084489 80480


  1. Salt Lake: 9 Victoria Park, GN Block, GN 37/2, Sector V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091




1. Smart Labs

Starting from ₹5000 onwards /Month

2. Smart Cubes

Starting from ₹7000 onwards /Month

3. Smart Suites

Starting from ₹9000 onwards /Month

Motherland Studio

Motherland Studio is a casual, well-designed coworking space in Kolkata that is located in the Park Street area.

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It comes with a friendly atmosphere, open and flexible seating arrangement, WiFi, a fully-equipped kitchen and a stunning view. A venture by the owners of organic clothing brand Brown Boy, Motherland Studio offers a shared and communal setting for work. They also provide space for workshops and events.


  • Phone: +919748077790


  1. Park Street:  Stephen Court, 18 A, Park St, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal 700016


  • For 6 people, it is priced at INR 60,000 for a month.
  • For 6 people, it is priced at INR 54,000 for 3 months.
  • For 6 people, it is priced at INR 48,000 for 6 months.

WS House

WS House houses premium co-working spaces designed for a hard-working yet fun team of professionals. 

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WS House comes equipped with power back-up provisions. On the off-chance that there is a load-shedding, your vital data will never be lost. You will enjoy access to high-speed Wi-Fi so that you never have to miss another business opportunity to slow the internet again.

It is strategically located at the heart of New Town, Rajarhat, the new financial hub of Kolkata. Being in a pivotal position; it is close to important landmarks such as Unitech Gate 2, Westin Hotel, Bangla Convention Center and DPS School.


  • Phone: +918335075374


  1. Shakespeare Sarani: Openhouse, 7th floor, AC Market, Theatre Road, 1, Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata, West Bengal 700071


  • Price on request


Workstreet is the trendiest new coworking space in Kolkata that is dedicated to building a coworking community where individuals can participate in an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration.

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Workstreet is the go-to place for freelancers and organizations of any type and size. Workstreet offers its members an ambience for work that cannot be rivalled by anyone else. We are the only coworking space in Kolkata that offers workspaces focussed on providing the advantages of a coworking space – community and collaboration.

Our belief in the community approach, coupled with our excellent available facilities guarantees you the best work environment in the city.


  • Phone: 090072 95096


  1. Salt Lake: Martin Burn Business Park Office #1105, BP Block, Sector V, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091


  • A Dedicated Desk for one person costs INR 6,000 per month.
  • A Hot Desk for one person costs INR 400 per day
  • A Private Office for 4 people costs INR 34,000 per month.


The number of coworking space in Kolkata is rising day by day.

It is predicted that the number of quality of coworking space in Kolkata is expected to grow exponentially in the future.

As the corporate culture continues to grow in Kolkata, so does the coworking culture.

In a coworking environment, you don’t have to worry about the overhead expenses as they are catered to by the space provider. Thus, this option is cost-effective and proves efficient