The growth of coworking spaces in the past few years has been phenomenal with small & big organisations across the world leaving traditional office spaces for coworking spaces.

However, some organisations are still sceptical about this shift from traditional office spaces to coworking spaces. Companies still have the conception that coworking spaces are expensive, noisy, without privacy and the list goes on.

Blame it on the generation gap?

You may.

So where do such rumours arise from?

While most people are not educated enough about the concept of coworking spaces, many coworking myths arise from a lack of experience of having worked in them. These coworking myths are spread by people who have never set foot in a coworking space are blindly defend the present culture of workspaces. 

Others are just plain stubborn, for they criticize coworking spaces even after having experienced the unparalleled ambience offered by them.

But I won’t talk about where such coworking myths come from. 

Instead, I will debunk these coworking myths one by one.

Coworking Myths DEBUNKED!

Coworking is expensive

A common coworking space misconception in anyone’s mind is that working at a coworking space is an expensive affair.

This coworking myth is believed easily because no one wants to believe that something that offers so many advantages and facilities can come at such affordable prices.

Coworking spaces are the best value-for-money workspaces today.

The best part of coworking culture is that you pay for what you need. Be it a flexible or dedicated seat or a private cabin, there are membership plans that are tailored according to your needs. You can also subscribe as and when you require it.

coworking myths

Coworking spaces are more cost-effective than signing a long term leasing and paying for a fit-out. The most important thing about coworking is that it takes care of housekeeping, cleaning, internet and maintenance.

This helps you focus on your work without having to worry about anything else.

Coworking spaces are noisy

There is another popular coworking space misconception that they are noisy.

While there is no denying that coworking spaces, like most other traditional office spaces, are noisy, they offer you the option of shifting to an area that better suits your auditory requirements

graphical representation showing people at coworking space

Contrary to popular belief that coworking spaces and cafes are somewhat similar, they are by no means unproductive or distracting work environments.

Coworking is only for freelancers and startups

Another common coworking myth is the belief that coworking spaces are used by freelancers and startups only.

Coworking spaces cater to the requirements of every working professional and corporate organization out there. Starting from solopreneurs, freelancers, startups to small and big organizations, the benefits of coworking spaces are there for all to enjoy.

Different People working at coworking space

Be it small or large companies, coworking spaces have become a desired workspace for all. Companies need space and facilities that come at a fraction of the cost of dedicated office space.

Coworking spaces offer exactly that.

Coworking spaces are not secure

A widely believed coworking myth is that coworking spaces are not secure.

A coworking space with locked doors and 24/7 access only via personal identification is the most secure type of coworking space.

Smartphone access at coworking spaceMembers will receive a key, card or fob for entry, with top coworking spaces even having easy, on-demand door access via smartphone. In this type of space, all guests are required to request access, which will only be granted after they have been identified.

There will also be remote management of access control for times when the owner or manager is not physically present.

Coworking spaces are not private

There is another coworking myth that says that shared office spaces are not being private.

This coworking myth is again false because coworking spaces are all about offering different workspace options suitable for freelancers, small and large organizations.

coworking myths

Coworking spaces offer private cabins for those who need a more private setup while enjoying the benefits of networking.

Coworking spaces provide no room for growth

Many companies believe in the coworking space misconception that coworking spaces provide no room for expansion.

This coworking myth couldn’t be more false.

Coworking spaces let you rent extra seats and even upgrade to a private office space, giving you the option of increasing your employee pool without having the need to relocate the entire operation.

In coworking spaces, you still enjoy the freedom of not being locked into a traditional leasing agreement and you get to keep your hard-earned money to properly reinvest into your burgeoning business. The coworking model can be a great way to reduce your overhead while you’re building your brand.

Coworking is for extroverts

9 out of 10 people who have never worked in coworking spaces will tell you that coworking spaces are suitable only for extroverts.

10 out of 10 people who have worked in coworking spaces will tell you that coworking spaces are suitable for every personality out there.

According to a recent Global Coworking Survey, it was found that only 30% of people working in coworking spaces are extroverts.

This is surely not an adequate percentage to believe in the coworking myth that coworking spaces are only for extroverts.

The trick is to find a coworking space that matches your work style. Whether you need social connection in small doses or prefer the openness, you may choose between multiple options of a dedicated desk in a quiet area or work in a common space as per your convenience.

Coworking is like renting an office space

Well, technically speaking, yes this is literally like renting an office space only that coworking is way better than you think! You can add on and reduce as your company expands.

Every coworking is an all-inclusive place, one bill with multiple services like IT, maintenance, housekeeping, WiFi and many more. No more hassle of individually finding vendors and extended support, this is a complete business ecosystem.

You also get the benefit of networking in your own office. Be it events, be it any industry, like-minded people and your business prospects are handy for collaborations and partnership.

Co-working culture is not going to fade away, it’s here to stay.

Coworking spaces look unprofessional to clients and business contacts

Coworking spaces are set up to take care of client visits with meeting rooms or conference room booking options and several amenities to enjoy, like coffee, recreation, and cafeteria service.

People working at coworking space

With attractive fit-outs and ergonomic furniture, your clients are sure to be fascinated with this new model that they may even inquire about renting spaces themselves.

Coworking won’t survive

The culture of coworking has settled in and it is here to stay. Companies like Facebook, Amazon and even Google make use of coworking spaces rather than settling for traditional office spaces.

In India, the potential coworking space market is estimated to be around 12-16 million seats, according to MYHQ Digest. It is also anticipated that the number of participants in coworking spaces will rise to 3.8 million by 2020 and to 5.1 million by 2022.

Global coworking growth study

On a global scale, the coworking culture is thriving even more.

The number of coworking spaces from 2019 to 2022 is expected to increase by 42%. In 2022, the number of coworking spaces around the world is expected to touch 25,968. There has been an average increase in coworking spaces around 2,595 since 2015.


As the coworking trend continues to rise, so does the number of myths that come along with it.

One tip to combat this is to have an open-minded mentality when it comes to change and especially when moving into a new coworking space. Just like people, coworking space has their own personalities.

A coworking space can be considered a living space because of their constantly changing and growing nature.

After debunking these coworking space misconceptions, you should feel more confident about either joining a coworking space or the choice you’ve already made in being part of one.

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