Workstreet: The Trendiest Coworking Space in Kolkata 

Workstreet coworking space

WorkStreet is the trendiest new coworking space in Kolkata that is dedicated to building a coworking community where individuals can create an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration.

Workstreet is the brainchild of Khurshid Alam, an IMT Ghaziabad alumnus. He is also the co-founder of Fleapo that helps brand transform digitally. Fleapo helps brands transform digitally and specializes in Digital Marketing, Website Designing, and App Development.

The vacant space in the Fleapo Kolkata office premises helped him realize how it could be used to create a community for individuals with a common need for a coworking space. Space where individuals could grow in each other’s presence and share knowledge and values.

Khurshid was fascinated by the startup culture that was taking India by storm and this is why he did not hesitate to change his dream into reality.

We, at WorksSreet, believe that well-designed coworking spaces make working cool for driven individuals. Also, coworking spaces are workspaces where you learn something every day.


Why WorkStreet

WorkStreet is where you have to be if you are a freelancer or if you lead a startup or a large enterprise. WorkStreet offers its coworkers an ambiance for work that can be rivaled by anyone else. We are the only coworking space in Kolkata that offers workspaces focussed on providing the advantages of a coworking space – community and collaboration.

Coworkers at Workstreet


Building a community

The dream behind the creation of WorkStreet was forming a community of people who have a common need for a coworking space. In this community, people can share ideas and seek help from each other.


Facilitates Creative Thinking

WorkStreet offers at atmosphere that facilitates creative thinking among professionals and freelancers from various backgrounds.


Collaboration Across Different Company Sizes

WorkStreet is a coworking space that is located in the center of a corporate world yet it manages to provide an ambiance where freelancers and corporate startups can work side by side.


Convenient Location

With real estate prices soaring day by day, workspaces are getting unaffordable even in not-so-prime locations.

WorkStreet is located in the heart of Salt Lake, which is the corporate hub of Kolkata. Traditional office spaces are exorbitant in this part of the city but WorkStreet offers you workspaces at super affordable prices. It is connected to the entire city by every form of transport.  This makes it easier for clients and members to reach WorkStreet.


Ample Amenities

It has a breathtaking view from the 11th floor that no other coworking space can offer. Add to that, the indoor games facilities and state-of-the-art meeting and conference rooms.


Reasonably Priced

It is reasonably priced as our nature is not profit maximization but to create a community of hard-working and motivated co-workers.

Team of Workstreet



WorkStreet offers you with the best amenities, location and an atmosphere that no other coworking space in Kolkata can match. Our belief in the community approach, coupled with our excellent ambiance guarantees you the best work environment in the city.

Your readers now have numerous reasons to choose Workstreet as their coworking space.WorkStreet is the coworking space your readers deserve and they will thank you for bringing to them a community that fosters the coworking spirit like no other.