A Community Like No Other

Workstreet is a coworking space that aspires to build a community of hard-working and dedicated individuals.

At Workstreet, we want to create an ambiance that encourages healthy co-existence between freelancers and working professionals of all organizations.



1. Workstreet is a shared office space that facilitates networking among members.

2. Networking is necessary to build connections and meet people who can become future clients, prospective business partners or employees.

3. At Workstreet, we provide you with a platform that lets you meet other talented individuals like yourself who provide services that you can benefit from or meet people who might need services that you’re adept at.

4. WorkStreet is a community where people learn from one another and share knowledge and values.


1. At Workstreet, you will meet like-minded people who have instilled in them, the entrepreneurial spirit.

2. Collaborating with other members with the same dedication and motivation as you, whether in your field or not, can work wonders for your idea or project.

3. Workstreet has already provided shared office space to two companies, Fleapo, and Tagmango in their collaborative venture.

4. Collaboration leads to a better outcome for both parties as well as increases the spirit of coworking in the workplace.


1. Workstreet plays host to numerous events that include seminars, workshops, game days and so on.

2. These events bring together members from different work backgrounds and cultures and bring them closer to one another.

3. These events lead to increased productivity for individuals. We have a well-furnished meeting space where these events can be held.

4. To upload its community spirit, Workstreet organizes numerous events and seminars for members.

Workstreet : Where Work meets Play


Picnics are eagerly looked forward to at Workstreet.

The coworkers of Workstreet went to Eco Park to enjoy a picnic. It was a day of amazing fun in true coworking spirit! Refreshments were served to all and games were organized for Workstreet members. It was the perfect day out for us.

eye test camps

Eye Test Camps are held on a regular basis at Workstreet.

Lenskart visited Workstreet to organize an eye test camp. All of Workstreet’s members had their eyes tested free of cost.

TT Tournaments

A table tennis tournament was organized at Workstreet for its members.

It proved to be a top draw with more than 25 participants in the singles category and 20 in the doubles category. There were prizes for the winners and runners up of both categories and refreshments for all.

Digital Marketing Workshop

The importance of digital marketing for any and every brand cannot be stressed.

This is why Workstreet organizes digital marketing workshops for its interested members. The workshops are eagerly attended by Workstreet members.

Coding Bootcamp

Workstreet also organizes periodic coding boot camps for its members.

Workstreet members attend such camps enthusiastically.

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