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Workstreet is the trendiest new coworking space in Kolkata that is dedicated to building a coworking community.

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Why Choose Workstreet As Your Coworking Space?

workstreet coworking space in kolkata

Everyone loves earning profits. But to earn profits, it is necessary to reduce costs. Coworking space is a cost-effective answer to the problem of expensive office spaces. Workstreet offers you the opportunity to grow your business without having to sink money into lease-breaking fees.

  • TickNo capital expenditure required
  • TickCheap compared to other alternatives
  • TickValue for money

Workstreet strives to provide an ambiance of flexibility. It has flexible workspaces with even more flexible seating and payment options. Workstreet offers much more flexibility than regular office spaces. Coworking spaces aspire to combine the benefits of work from home and traditional office space.

  • TickNo long term commitments
  • TickCoworking spaces are open 24x7
  • TickNo fixed membership plan

Coworking office spaces offer perks and amenities at a much lower cost. This increases the employee’s ability to balance work and life and thus enhances employee happiness. It is necessary to work in an environment that looks after leisure needs. A good shared office space is all about the facilities it offers.

  • TickIndoor games arena is common in coworking spaces.
  • Tick24X7 high-speed wifi is a necessity.
  • TickMeeting Rooms can be very useful.

Coworking spaces include professionals and organizations working in different fields. The person sitting opposite you may work for an organization that supplies products or services similar to what you need. In addition, networking at a Workstreet can also widen your network. Networking in shared office spaces make you feel like you’re part of a community.

  • TickInteract with other motivated individuals.
  • TickFind your next business partner.
  • TickBe a part of a community.

Coworking spaces are built with the dream of catering to every individual, starting from freelancers to employees working in small or big organizations. Thus it is necessary to have different membership options that will allow its members to choose the membership option that is most suitable for them. This is what WorkStreet offers you.

  • TickThere are several options available.
  • TickFlexible desks, dedicated desks are suitable for freelancers.
  • TickWork pods and private cabins are tailored for companies.

Workspace Options

Workstreet is not just a shared office space. We are a community that welcomes freelancers, startups and other organizations with varying backgrounds, cultures and requirements. This is why we have well-planned workspace options to cater to your every need. Our community believes in the spirit of inclusiveness, which is another reason why we are the best coworking space in Kolkata.

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Coworking space flexible seating

Flexible Seats

Flexible Seats are suitable for those who wish to use Workstreet on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  • TickCheaper than other options
  • TickSuitable for freelancers
  • TickOptimal space

INR 400 / Day

Coworking space dedicated seats

Dedicated Seats

Dedicated Seats are all yours. No one else but you can use your dedicated seat.

  • TickBlend of public and private
  • TickSuitable for all
  • TickPersonalized desks

INR 6000 / Month

Private Cabin

Private Cabins

Private Cabins are for those who want privacy in a coworking space. It is customized for you.

  • TickBenefit of private spaces
  • TickCustomized
  • TickValue for money


Offer Offer

Workstreet Amenities

Coworking Space Amenities

24x7 High-Speed Wifi

Coworking Space Amenities

Indoor Games Arena

Coworking Space Amenities


Coworking Space Amenities


Coworking Space Amenities

Meeting Room

Life atWorkstreet Logo

Life at Workstreet is as enjoyable as it is motivating. Our members spend a major part of their day here and we are committed to making it fun.

Workstreet provides a platform for the perfect blend of seriousness and fun. It provides a space where you can have an intense brainstorming session as well as enjoy your leisure with many of our facilities.

View from WOrkstreet office
Our team member at workstreet
worstreet coworking members
Workstreet Office
Workstreet play area with Carrom

We break down walls so that we can breakthrough in our businesses.

Working on the beanbag
worksteet's office area
Team behind WOrkstreet

I believe in collaboration rather than competition.

Coworking Space People

Workstreet Community

Workstreet is a coworking space that aspires to build a community of hard-working and dedicated individuals.

At Workstreet, we want to create an ambiance that encourages healthy co-existence between freelancers and working professionals of all organizations.

workstreet community


1. Workstreet is a shared office space that facilitates networking among members.

2. Networking is necessary to build connections and meet people who can become future clients, prospective business partners or employees.

3. At Workstreet, we provide you with a platform that lets you meet other talented individuals like yourself who provide services that you can benefit from or meet people who might need services that you’re adept at.

4. Workstreet is a community where people learn from one another and share knowledge and values.

Coworking Space Community
Coworking Space Collaboration


1. At Workstreet, you will meet like-minded people who have instilled in them, the entrepreneurial spirit.

2. Collaborating with other members with the same dedication and motivation as you, whether in your field or not, can work wonders for your idea or project.

3. Workstreet has already provided shared office space to two companies, Fleapo, and Tagmango in their collaborative venture.

4. Collaboration leads to a better outcome for both parties as well as increases the spirit of coworking in the workplace.


1. Workstreet plays host to numerous events that include seminars, workshops, game days and so on.

2. These events bring together members from different work backgrounds and cultures and bring them closer to one another.

3. These events lead to increased productivity for individuals. We have a well-furnished meeting space where these events can be held.

We Are Situated At

Workstreet is a coworking space located in the heart of Salt Lake, Sector V, the corporate hub of Kolkata. It is connected to the rest of the city as well as the outskirts by every possible form of transport. Bus, cab, auto, train, metro, you name it and Workstreet has it!



Bus: There’s a busy bus stop located right outside Workstreet.

Cab: There are app-based cabs available round the clock outside Workstreet.

Auto: Workstreet has an auto stand located right outside its office and also has running autos available!

Train: The nearest train station is Biddhanagar Station that is around 6.4 km away.

Workstreet's Surroundings


Workstreet is situated adjacent to Technopolis, another renowned skyscraper in Kolkata.

East: Rajarhat, the latest housing and office hub of Kolkata is what lies here.

West: You are met by flyovers and the rest of Kolkata.

South: Workstreet has an auto stand located right outside its office.

North: Kolkata Airport is what lies to the north of Workstreet.

Martin Burn Bussiness Park


Keeping parity with their legacy of developing Kolkata with global standards Martin Burn came up with Martin Burn Business Park, the ultimate in modern commercial buildings.18 storied Martin Burn Business Park, designed by eminent architect Mr. J P Agrawal, serves as the gateway to Salt Lake Sector V, the corporate corridor of Kolkata.The building is green building IGBC Gold certified.

Our Clients Simply Love Our Work

Star Rating Rated 4.5 / 5.0

5 Google Star Rating
4.5 Trustpilot Star Rating
5 Sulekha Star Rating
Tagmango Client quote
Kolkata, West Bengal

Workstreet is the perfect coworking space for my startup. It has an amazing range of amenities and I met a lot of my current team members at Workstreet. It has a wide range of workspace options suitable for every working professional. Workstreet is definitely the best and most affordable coworking space in Kolkata.

Fleapo Client quote
Kolkata, West Bengal

Workstreet is definitely at the top of the list of coworking spaces in Kolkata. It offers affordable pricing and great amenities. Our company consists of two teams, the digital marketing, and technical team and both teams loved the ambiance here at Workstreet. Productivity increased almost immediately. Choosing Workstreet was definitely a great choice.

Univdesign Client quote
Kolkata, West Bengal

Having an office right in the heart of Salt Lake was something that our company needed. On top of that, amazing amenities and the view from the 11th floor was just breathtaking. We felt like we were a part of a community rather than just another coworking space. Definitely the best shared office space.

Workstreet Blogs

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Workstreet is the trendiest new coworking space in Kolkata that is dedicated to building a coworking community where individuals can create an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration.

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Workstreet is the trendiest new coworking space in Kolkata that is dedicated to building a coworking community where individuals can work in an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration.
Workstreet is being used by an extremely diverse customer profile starting from Freelancers (team of 1 - 2), Micro Small & Medium Business (3 - 100 people).
Workstreet is located in Martin Burn Business Park Office #1105, BP Block, Sector V, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091.
The workspace options available at Workstreet are:

1. Flexible Seats

2. Dedicated Desks

3. Private Cabins
1. Indoor Games Arena consisting of games such as Table Tennis, Foosball, Carrom and Darts.

2. Good quality coffee

3. High-speed WiFi

4. An excellent cafeteria

5. A great view from the 11th floor

6. Cozy bean bag

The companies that have worked at Workstreet are:

1. Fleapo

2. Tagmango

3. Univdesign
Our hours of operation are 9 am to 10 pm on weekdays and 9 am - 4 pm on Saturdays. We are closed on Sundays.
No, Workstreet has no hidden charges in its prices. We are very transparent with our pricing options.
Workspace Options No. of Members Pricing Timings
Flexible Seats 1 400/day 9 am - 10 am
Dedicated Seats 1 6,000/month 9 am - 10 am
Private Office Custom Custom 9 am - 10 am

Flexible Seats - No Deposit

Dedicated Desks - 1 Month

Private Cabins - Custom
Yes, you can register your GST at Workstreet.
At Workstreet, apart from a stylish and well-designed workspace, you get electricity, infrastructure, coffee, WiFi and many other amenities, none of which is available at a traditional office space. At Workstreet, you get all this at more affordable prices than traditional office spaces.
Each member working at Workstreet is required to submit the following documents:

Company Incorporation Letter

Company Pan Card

Individual Identity Proof

Address Proof
Yes, we as a coworking office in Kolkata encourage and actually hope that anyone who works out of here gets to make the best connections in their field. We encourage both creatives and entrepreneurs to network. Our office is set-up as a community so you can naturally network and make relations that will last you and your business a lifetime.
Workstreet is founded and led by Khurshid Alam. An IMT Ghaziabad alumnus, he dreams to create a community of like-minded workers working in a coworking space.
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